Lack of Roof Waterproofing Drains Your Wallet

Ignoring your roof's waterproofing might save you money today. But it won't tomorrow.

Without waterproof roof...

  • Persistent water leaks
  • Risk of structural damages
  • Mold and mildew development
  • Frequent and expensive maintenance
  • Energy costs rise due to poor insulation
  • Health hazards from dampness and mold

With waterproof roof...

  • Adapts to weather changes
  • Keeps out leaks and dampness
  • Appeals more to potential buyers
  • Lowers the risk of mold and mildew
  • Strengthens the property's structure
  • Makes the roof last 5-15 years longer
  • Boosts real estate value by up to 20%
  • Helps control temperature, saving energy

Products Making Waterproofing for Roofs Possible

Modified and liquid membranes – coupled with primers – deliver superior waterproofing.

SBS Modified Membranes

Cross-seasonal SBS roof waterproofing systems for all-year protection.

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APP Modified Membranes

Enhanced UV protection with unmatched stability in extreme temperatures.

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Waterproofing product add-on for better surface-membrane adhesion.

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  2. Fill out the contact form to match with nearby roofers. Within 24-72 hours, an independent Danosa-curated roofer will reach out.
  3. Book a roof waterproofing visit for an accurate estimate. During the visit, the roofer will brief you on materials, turnaround time, and quote.

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Why Danosa Waterproofing Materials

Roof protection you can count on. Waterproofing membrane options for every need.

Top Quality

Maximum waterproofing durability above all else.

Ease of Use

Installation made simple for better application.

Cost - Efficient

Lower ongoing maintenance expenses.


Green in mind from product inception.


Certified by the best international standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions about roof waterproofing for properties—answered.

Consider your building's roof type, climate, and budget. Modified membranes last longer than liquid-applied coatings. The latter is less expensive, though. Consult with a roofer for tailored recommendations.

Waterproofing membranes differ in material, thickness, flexibility, application, and lifespan. For example, SBS-modified membranes perform better in cold climates than APP-modified membranes.

It depends on the roof size, membrane type, and installation complexity. Costs may range from $3-$10 per square foot on average. For an accurate estimate, the best way to go is to get in touch with a certified roofer.

DIY installation without prior training is possible with self-adhesive and liquid-applied waterproofing membranes. Still, it requires careful attention to instructions. For other types of membrane systems, you'd need training and tools. So a qualified installer will guarantee the work meets warranty conditions.

The roof waterproofing installation consists of properly cleaning and preparing the surface, then applying the membrane, and sealing it. Weather conditions, roof size, and project complexity may affect the timeline. But typical jobs take 2-3 days. It's recommended to request an inspection by Danosa's technical service team.

There's minimal visual impact. We design waterproofing membranes to either blend in with the existing structure or remain hidden. If the aesthetic is a concern, Danosa has color options available.

Properly installed, a waterproofing membrane system lasts no less than 8 years and up to 30+ years. Regular roof inspections once a year can catch issues early and extend the membrane's lifespan.