Roof protection for everyone, everywhere.

We're a waterproofing membranes manufacturer. The systems Danosa engineers go on roofs, walls, and floors of almost any imaginable real estate. It's waterproofing for homes, businesses, institutions, and beyond.

The story begins in 1978

Danosa is originally a Spanish brand founded by chemist and entrepreneur Manuel del Río Dominguez in the mid-60s. As fast-growing companies do, Danosa went global, opening warehouses and factories all over the world. Including Puerto Rico.

Back in the day, current CEO Waleska joined Danosa Caribbean's administrative department. The promising, ambitious young woman crunching the numbers. What at first looked like a transitional job to continue a CPA career ended up forging her business side.

Rescuing a business with future

It's 1994. All of a sudden, a fire broke out at the workplace, causing critical damage to the Bayamon headquarters. Given the extraordinary circumstances, Danosa's owner decides to shut down operations in Puerto Rico. That's where Waleska comes in.

Without enough capital but with the right people at the right time, she managed to acquire Danosa. The remaining 12 employees, clients, and suppliers showed overwhelming support.

Industrial machinery is expensive. Lots of things were at stake. Home mortgage, payment plan agreements, lines of credit, bank loans. All-or-nothing. And since resilience is one of Danosa's core strengths, this close-knit family overcame tough obstacles along the way—and thrived.

Milestones through dedication

Fast forward to what passion and determination achieve:

  • Sustainability-driven circular manufacturing
  • Research and development laboratory operations
  • 2011 investment in state-of-the-art automated machinery
  • 32+ waterproofing products for cool, green, and metal roofs
  • Local economic growth thanks to the creation of 1,800+ jobs
  • Certifications from Miami-Dade, CRRC, FM, UL, ISO 9001, and ASTM.

Breakthrough after Hurricane Maria

Then, in 2017, one of Puerto Rico's darkest moments hit, Hurricane Maria.

Multi-million dollar damages and an irreparable wound in the heart of the island.

Once the catastrophe stopped, we took pickup trucks full of all kinds of supplies and embarked on a territory-wide emergency response campaign. Being present meant a before and an after.

Nothing beats the honor we felt giving back to the community.

Waterproofing your world

After every storm, there's a rainbow. Even though the island was out of power, we had the infrastructure to function off-grid. So production began 48 hours after the hurricane passed.

The sales team hit the road the very next day to assist clients. People couldn't help but notice most of the Danosa-sealed roofs remained intact. That same week the phone started ringing non-stop. Contractors and businesses waiting in line to stock up on waterproofing membranes.

Now, Puerto Rico doesn't seal it with anything else. Puerto Rico seals it with Danosa.

Danosa's Ethos: Core Values

Timeless principles that drive the actions we take and the decisions we make.


Level playing field for all—employees, partners, and customers.


Circular manufacturing in place to leave a positive footprint on the planet.


Unity. Teamwork action overcomes challenges and moves the needle.


Open lines of communication for expectation setting.

Social Impact

People first, business second. We contribute to community initiatives.

Meet the Team Behind

At the heart of Danosa lies a group of experts shaping the future of waterproofing systems.

Waleska Rivera


Lee Rivera

Vice President

Carmen Candelaria


Félix Romero

Technical Commercial Manager

Nelson Rolón

Production Superintendent

Ernesto Santos

Quality Control Manager

Norberto Pérez

Business Developer

Walberto Pérez

Field Supervisor

Isabel Rodríguez

President's Administrative Assistant

Cristina Santiago

Vice President's Administrative Assistant

Industry-leading Organization Endorsements

Danosa manufactures with the backing of entities that uphold top-tier standards.

Reach Out – We're Here to Help

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