Waterproofing Products to Get the Job Done

Modified and liquid membranes – coupled with primers – brings superior waterproofing to the table.

SBS Modified Membranes

Cross-seasonal SBS roof waterproofing systems for all-year protection.

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APP Modified Membranes

Enhanced UV protection with unmatched stability in extreme temperatures.

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Waterproofing product add-on for better surface-membrane adhesion.

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How to Buy on Danosa Caribbean

  1. Go to the product category of your interest. Filter to find the exact item(s) you need.
  2. Open new tabs with the products you're interested in. If helpful, download the technical details and specs.
  3. Request a free quotation via contact form, email, or phone. The waterproofing membranes pricing catalog is available upon request.

Roof Waterproofing Material Backed By Experts

You've got your clients' back. We've got yours—with industry-standard certifications.

Your Partner On the Waterproofing Side of Things

Whether you design, build, roof, or distribute, go with Danosa products.


Masters of heights. Trained roofers give every single home and business the protection it demands. That's what Danosa membranes do. Make the waterproofing part of roofing easier.

Architects & Designers

Visionaries of spaces. Your architectural creative genius combined with Danosa's state-of-the-art waterproofing materials is the recipe. For what? Tasteful real estate that stands the test of time.


Renovating and building structures—layer by layer. Smart contractors work with reliable roof waterproofing systems. Like Danosa's. Because clients won't ever complain about leaky roofs.


Nothing is a one-man show but teamwork. When you partner up with Danosa, roof waterproofing membranes arrive at your warehouse (or retail store) ready to print you money. On time, every time.

Training Program

Even the best waterproofing product can fail when there's no pro behind it. Average residential roofing projects are about $6k-$10k—with 10%-20% profit margins after all fees.

If you're up for the challenge, invest in Danosa's in-person roofing course to build a money-making team of roofers.

The knowledge, the skills, the tools. We have a value-packed roofing certification so you can turn roofs into revenue.

  • Practical content for all skill levels.
  • Week-long intensive hands-on training.
  • Safety protocols and quality assurance.
  • Basic to advanced waterproofing techniques.
  • Accredited in Puerto Rico and the US.
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Reach Out – We're Here to Help

Have a question? Whether it's roofing or waterproofing—Danosa's inbox is open.

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About Danosa

Boasting 45+ years in the industry, Danosa Caribbean, Inc. is a top-tier waterproofing membrane manufacturer. Our track record? Protecting countless properties, and benefiting millions of people and thousands of businesses.

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Why Danosa Waterproofing Membranes

Roof protection you can count on. Waterproofing membrane options for every need.

Top Quality

Maximum waterproofing durability above all else.

Ease of Use

Installation made simple for better application.

Cost - Efficient

Lower ongoing maintenance expenses.


Green in mind from product inception.


Certified by the best international standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions about roof waterproofing for properties—answered.

The products and systems Danosa makes meet the highest industry standards: Miami-Dade County, Cool Roofing Council, American Society for Materials Testing, FM Global, and Underwriter Laboratories.

Yes. Danosa waterproofing membranes, materials, and systems come with a warranty. As long as a certified installer does the work. The specific period and terms may vary depending on the product. Please note that property owners may request a roofing certification to validate warranty claim eligibility.

Sure you can—as long as you choose the right waterproofing product. The engineering behind SBS-modified membranes works best for colder climates. Because it's elastic and adapts to sudden temperature changes and building movements. On the other side, APP-modified membranes excel at protecting roofs under intense hot weather conditions. Consult with Danosa's technical team on the materials you're buying if needed.

For wholesale orders and distributors, we're more than happy to talk discounts. It's not a one-size-fits-all deal, though. Every project is unique, and so is every discount. Get in touch now. We'll see what we can do for you.

Reach Out – We're Here to Help

Have a question? Whether it's roofing or waterproofing—Danosa's inbox is open.